Todd and Stephanie Hearnsberger are the Lead Pastors of Anthem of Hope Church. They stepped into this position in November 2016, after the “passing of the baton” from the founding pastors, Daniel and Jackie Groves.  The Groves were instrumental in launching this life-giving church back in March 2015,  and they have built a solid, healthy foundation for the Hearnsberger’s to build upon.

Todd and Stephanie were both raised in church, Stephanie being a pastor’s daughter.  They each committed their lives to Jesus and the call to ministry at an early age. After they graduated from Bible college, Todd and Stephanie were married in August 1995. Todd has a Biblical Studies degree and Stephanie has a Worship/Music degree.

Todd and Stephanie have been pastoring for over two decades serving in every capacity of the local church from children’s ministry, to youth ministry, to executive/campus pastoring, and even senior pastoring.  They’ve been privileged to have worked in various churches around the country from small-sized churches, to mid-sized churches, even mega-sized churches.

…with a passionate heart for seeing lives change through relationship with Jesus Christ

Together, they serve the people of Anthem Of Hope Church and the people of Columbus with a passionate heart for seeing lives change through relationship with Jesus Christ. The Hearnsberger’s have two children, Hannah and Grafton, who are fully engaged at AOH, serving in various capacities. As a family, they seek to be an anthem of hope to the city of Columbus and the world!

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